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Engineering and Technical Services - Project Examples

1. Mechanical Engineering Design
  1. Correctional Facility Medical Isolation Rooms
    Mechanical and control systems design and field services were provided for the development of medical isolation rooms at a federal penitentiary and at a provincial correctional institution. These rooms are designed to house people with highly communicable diseases such as tuberculosis. Special considerations included decontamination procedures, prevention of stagnant air pockets, and the need to protect personnel performing repairs and maintenance.

  2. Historic Church Mechanical System Upgrade
    This project involved upgrading the mechanical systems at a historic church to provide more stable environmental conditions, thereby reducing deterioration of the building components. This project also included preparation of a design-build specification for a fire protection sprinkler system.

  3. Domestic Water Distribution and Recirculation Systems Replacement
    Engineering design services and services during construction were provided for the replacement of the domestic water distribution system and the domestic hot water recirculation system at a maximum security correctional institution.

  4. Domestic Hot Water Heater Replacement
    Engineering design services were provided for replacement of steam-water storage type domestic water heaters with steam-water instantaneous hot water heaters for a building within a correctional facility.
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2. Prime Consulting and Project Coordination Services
  1. Fire Alarm and Protection System Upgrade
    Prime consulting services were provided for the upgrade of the fire detection, alarm and sprinkler protection systems at a long term care facility in Saskatoon.

  2. Saskatchewan Indian Federated College Renovations
    This project involved renovation of a former elementary school to accommodate the Saskatoon campus of the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College. Prime consulting services were provided for heating, ventilation, plumbing electrical and architectural modifications and upgrades to the facility to accommodate the College.

  3. Fish Packing Plant
    This project involved demolition of an existing fish packing plant and construction of a new facility having ice making capability, improved plumbing systems and larger processing and storage areas. Prime consulting services were provided for the geotechnical, structural, electrical, mechanical and refrigeration design components. We also provided project management services on this project.

  4. Hospital Roof Replacement
    Prime consulting and engineering design services, and services during construction, were provided for roof replacement at a rural hospital facility.

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3. Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services
  1. BIM Models of Mechanical Systems
    Applicable to new construction and to existing facilities, a BIM model of mechanical systems and the associated host elements can be created using record drawings and/or information gathered on site. For new construction, the model can be developed using as-built information gathered as construction work progresses. Depending on the type and extent of information incorporated, the model may be used to generate and maintain a variety of record drawings, to assist with facility management activities and to help with planning renovations, for example.

  2. Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Upgrades
    Based on existing drawings and/or information gathered on site, a BIM model incorporating the relevant building elements is created and used to assist with the evaluation and selection of potential changes to building elements and assemblies. Various scenarios can be modelled and their technical, financial and operational impacts examined.

  3. Development of BIM Models for Construction Planning
    To assist with construction activity planning a BIM model of selected building elements (e.g., walls, floors, columns, mechanical equipment) can be developed using design drawings or CAD models. The BIM model can be used to identify potential conflicts prior to construction, to determine material quantities or to inform activity sequencing, for example.

  4. Development of BIM Models for Renovation and Remodelling Planning
    To enable better visualization of renovation, remodelling and layout alternatives under consideration, a BIM model of the area of interest can be developed and used to facilitate the decision making process.

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4. Project Management Services
  1. Chemical Management System Development
    Project management advisory and coaching services were provided for a project that involved development of a chemical management system by a team from a provincial government Ministry. The system was developed to control what products enter the workplace, through what channels they enter and how they are handled. The intent is to minimize the risk of health, safety and environmental impacts.

  2. Health and Safety Upgrades - Long Term Care Facility
    Project management services were provided for a series of health and safety upgrades at a long term care facility. The intent was to improve the physical and functional conditions and more closely meet current building code requirements.

  3. Classroom Technology Enhancement
    This project involved upgrading and enhancing an existing classroom space to include wireless internet access, video conferencing, and multi-media systems. The project scope also included modifications to the HVAC and lighting systems to accommodate the new capabilities.

  4. Fleet Repair Decision Framework
    Project management advisory and coaching services were provided for a project that involved development of a system for determining and implementing repair decisions by a fleet services provider. The project included identification and mapping of processes, establishing decision authorities and development of a decision support tool.

  5. Food Processing Plant
    Project cost management services were provided for the construction and commissioning phases of a large food processing plant. Our role included monitoring construction progress, reviewing proposed changes for impact on project cost and maintaining a project cost summary.

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5. Facility Requirements and Planning
  1. Youth Centre Facility Requirements
    Facility requirements were determined for a youth centre in a northern community. These requirements were translated into a preliminary design layout. Capital and operating costs were estimated and potential sources of funding were identified.

  2. Facility Requirement Study for City Electrical Department
    The electrical department of a major western Canadian city, operating from several scattered locations, needed an understanding of what their facility requirements were going to be over the long term. This study identified these requirement and translated them into property, space and equipment requirements and further allocated this space within the department.

  3. Elders Residence Planning
    Preliminary planning was conducted for an elders residence in a northern community. A conceptual design was prepared and preliminary cost estimates were developed. The planning also included preliminary site selection, identification of expected demand, and examined preliminary economic operating feasibility .
  4. Conceptual Plan and Review of Facility Requirements for a Community Museum
    We developed a conceptual plan and reviewed the facility requirements for a community museum. This project involved the following aspects:
    • Analysis of the current collection for content, significance, condition, and gaps.
    • Development of major themes and programs based on the statement of purpose and existing and potential collections.
    • Analysis of the physical facility to determine adaptability of the building for museum use.
    • Estimating capital and operating costs to establish and operate the museum.
    • Developing space allocations and preliminary floor plans.
    • Identifying capital and operating funding sources.
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6. Forensic Engineering Investigations and Reporting
  1. Crane Failure Investigation
    For this project we were asked to assess a crane failure incident and provide an opinion on whether the failure was due to operator actions, mechanical failure or other factors.

  2. Mine Flood Investigation
    This project involved investigating what factors caused or contributed to the failure of a mine's underground mechanical flood protection systems to operate as intended. Our work included reviewing both the design of the flood protection systems and the operation and maintenance of the systems.

  3. Roof Assembly Hygrothermal Failure Investigation
    A preliminary investigation was undertaken on behalf of a law firm to determine the underlying cause of moisture penetration through a roof assembly and into wall cavities.

  4. Building Construction Scope and Quality Investigation
    An investigation was conducted on behalf of a building owner and their legal counsel to determine 1) if the scope of construction work had been completed in accordance with the contract documents, 2) if the construction work performed was in conformance with contract documents and generally accepted standards, 3) the potential impact of known or suspected deviations from the contract documents, and 4) the cause of poor heating system performance and what corrective actions should be taken.

  5. Fire Escape System Operation Investigation
    This engagement involved assessing the condition and operation of a fire escape system on behalf of legal counsel. Our work included determining if the fire escape system operated in an unintended manner and if the fire escape system had been reworked, repaired or otherwise modified during the period of interest.

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7. Economic Development Services
  1. Economic Development of a Resort Area
    This study investigated the development and best uses of a First Nation owned lake resort property located in northwestern Saskatchewan. Options examined included residential and commercial property development and possible business ventures. Options were ranked based on projected economic return, employment opportunities, existing infrastructure and other factors.

  2. Pre-Feasibility Study for the Manufacture of Health Care Products
    This study's focus was the manufacture of disposable medical devices, used for medical and surgical procedures in hospitals. The study examined the overall medical device industry in Canada. We evaluated the proposed products, manufacturing processes, equipment and facility requirements. Our work also included determining plant layout and capacity, capital and operating cost estimates, regulations governing manufacturing medical devices and economic viability. The manufacturing processes examined included product assembly, automatic packaging and product sterilization using ethylene oxide and gamma radiation.

  3. Study of the Canadian Machining Industry
    For this study we conducted a survey of machine shops in western Canada and selected machine shops in central Canada. Personal and telephone interviews were carried out to determine selected information about specific equipment capacities. This information was subsequently used to gauge the viability of establishing additional capacity within the industry.

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8. Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies
  1. Feasibility Study for a Publishing and Printing Operation
    An established publishing and printing operation needed to expand its facilities and to convert its operations to computerized technology. The study examined the feasibility of remaining and expanding at their present location or to construct new facilities at another location. Factors such as loss of location identity, renovation and new construction costs, costs of equipment and conversion time schedule were considered. A number of plant layouts were prepared and recommendations made as to the most feasible alternative available to the firm.

  2. Pre-Feasibility Study for a Health Care Facility
    This study was carried out to establish the feasibility of developing a multi-functional health care facility to serve the members of four First Nations. Based on a needs assessment conducted by the First Nations, we determined the facility requirements. From these requirements we developed a preliminary design and estimated the capital and operating costs. Sources of capital funding and operating revenue were investigated to establish the economic viability of the facility.

  3. Seniors Residence Expansion Feasibility Study
    This project involved determining the feasibility of expanding an existing seniors residence. The technical and economic feasibility was investigated to determine if expansion was a viable option.

  4. Feasibility Study for the Manufacturing of Wood Furniture Products in Saskatchewan
    This study examined the feasibility of manufacturing wood furniture products in Saskatchewan for a European head-quartered furniture manufacturer and retailer. The study examined, in detail, the cost of product components, labour and overheads on a per unit basis; the costs of distribution and administration and the cost for facilities and required equipment. Financial projections were made for a 5-year period. A marketing plan was developed along with alternate organizational structures.

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9. Land Use and Property Development
  1. Economic Development of a Resort Area
    This study investigated the development and best uses of a First Nation's owned lake resort property located in northwestern Saskatchewan. Options examined included residential and commercial property development and possible business ventures. Options were ranked based on projected economic return, employment opportunities, existing infrastructure and other factors.

  2. Industrial Opportunities Study
    This study examined the strengths and weaknesses of the manufacturing sector of the City of Swift Current. It examined the possibilities of expansion of existing industries; the development of opportunities by new business and overall potential related to the natural resources indigenous to the Swift Current region. Preliminary market research was carried out for three specific new products identified in the study.

  3. Rural Residential Sub-Division Land Development
    Project management and prime consulting services were provided for the development of two rural residential subdivisions. The project scope included re-classification of the lands and site planning and design.

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10. Facility and Systems Assessments
  1. Facility Evaluation Study for a Special Care Home
    This study evaluated the structural, mechanical, electrical and building envelope systems of a 326 - bed special care home in Saskatoon. The study examined the condition of the facility in relation to meeting current National Building Codes and Department of Health facility requirements as they relate to special care homes. It also examined the replacement of finishes and systems due to inadequate performance and wear and tear. Cost estimates were prepared for renovations and rehabilitation to prolong the life of the facility for an additional 30 years.

  2. Fire Safety Upgrading – Long Term Care Home
    This project involved identifying deficiencies in the fire safety systems of a long term care home in Saskatoon. Once the deficiencies were identified the scope of work for upgrading was prepared. Monitoring of the upgrading work and contract administration services were also provided.

  3. Mechanical Systems Assessment
    The condition and operation of the mechanical systems at a visitor reception centre at a national historic park were assessed. Strategies for improving the performance and efficiency of the systems were explored and cost estimates were prepared.

  4. Warehouse Facility Evaluation
    A facility evaluation was conducted on behalf of a potential purchaser of a warehouse facility. The evaluation examined the general condition of the building envelope, mechanical and structural systems.

  5. Retail Mall Evaluation
    An evaluation of the mechanical systems in a retail mall facility was conducted to facilitate the purchase of the property. Our report included a discussion on the existing conditions, the constraints posed by the mechanical systems on future renovations, and maintenance and replacement expectations.

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11. Research and Advisory Services
  1. Air Barrier Replacement
    This project involved researching and recommending how to replace a failed air barrier membrane on an existing building.

  2. Technical Dispute Resolution
    For this project we were asked to review and advise on the suitability and adequacy of a technical specifications used to manufacture a machine component. This information was used by the provider of the specifications and the manufacturer to resolve a claim for damages.

  3. Fire Suppresion System Options
    This project involved researching and advising on the fire suppression system options for a rural historic church.

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