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Management Consulting Services - Project Examples

1. Market Research
  1. Market Research for a Seed Cleaning Plant
    Market research was carried out to determine the existing and future markets for specialty crops in Western Canada. The information gathered included both supply and demand side volumes, prices, buying and marketing practices, buyer and seller behaviour and competitive practices. We used this information along with estimated operating costs in a computerized production model to assist in projecting plant capacity and determining viability.

  2. Market Study for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Craft Products
    In this study we researched the market for Saskatchewan Indian craft products for the Saskatchewan and Canadian markets. We examined different market segments, pricing levels and methods of distribution for their advantages and disadvantages. The demand for existing and potential products was assessed. The market shares of existing manufacturers were researched as was their methods of distribution.

  3. Research of the Starch and Snack Food Markets
    This study researched and documented information about the starch and snack food markets in North America. For the starch market we determined the estimated aggregate volume and value of starch consumption and identified consumption according to food and industrial applications. We identified new starch developments and suggested what areas show the most potential for research and development.

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2. Feasibility Studies
  1. Feasibility Study for a Destination Hotel and Convention Complex
    Located in northern Saskatchewan, a four-seasons hotel and convention complex was examined for feasibility. Our initial task was to research and profile the expected usage volumes, patterns and pricing for personal and corporate business. Based on the market research, the facility requirements and costs were then determined. Start-up and operating costs were used to computer model the project and determine what size facility would be profitable at varying volume/price scenarios.

  2. Feasibility Study for a Specialty Crop Seed Cleaning Plant
    Using market information obtained from a previous study, financial operations were computer modelled using existing operating costs and the costs to build and equip a new plant. Raw material costs and probable selling prices were varied to study their affect on the operation's profitability. Supply and demand volume constraints were varied to help determine optimal plant capacity. Forecasted financial projections illustrated the viability profile of the plant for the short term.

  3. Feasibility Study for a Palaeontological Interpretive Centre
    This study examined the feasibility of establishing an interpretive centre near the site of palaeontological discoveries along the Carrot River. The feasibility analysis considered the economic viability, tourism potential, job creation, educational value and other factors. Our work included:
    • Developing a statement of purpose for the interpretive centre.Development of conceptual themes and programs. Identifying potential visitors and users of the facility and site. Facility and site planning. Formulation of organizational structure. Estimation of capital and operating costs. Identification of potential funding sources.
    • Preparing a development plan and time line
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3. Organization and Business Planning
  1. Five-Year Planning Study for a Home Care District
    Carried out for a large home care district in Saskatchewan, this study included the following components:
    • Review of demographics of the aging population and handicapped persons in the province Review of existing operations and programs Identification of new programs that will be required in the future due to new technology and changes in program delivery
    • Projections of future financial and other resource requirements for the next five-year period

  2. 10-Year Strategic Planning Study
    This study examined a resort complex owned and operated by seven First Nations in Saskatchewan. Elements examined included:
    • 9 and 18 hole golf courseResidential subdivisionCampgroundMarinaCommercial development
    • Hotel/Convention centre

  3. On-Farm Food Safety System Certification Body Organization Plan and Operational Framework
    This project involved researching and developing an organization plan and operational framework for a proposed body that would operate an on-farm food safety system certification program. Our work included defining and describing the certification body’s scope of services, organization form and structure, the duties and responsibilities of key personnel, management system requirements and infrastructure requirements. The primary service delivery processes were also identified and described. Three example audit programme scenarios were then developed and used as a basis for preparing revenue and expense projections for the certification body and for determining a potential range of fees producers would pay for audit and certification services.

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4. Program Development
  1. Ergonomics Program
    In this project we facilitated the development of a campus-wide ergonomic program for a western Canadian university. The scope of work included establishing program objectives and policies; defining the roles and responsibilities of employer units, employees and other stakeholders; identifying, describing and modeling the processes of the program.

  2. Accessibility Program
    For this project we facilitated the development of, and lead the early stages of operation for, an accessibility program at a western Canadian university campus. The general objective of the program is to ensure that the physical infrastructure and environment of the university is developed or modified to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities. Our work included establishing program objectives and policy, determining operations processes and development of project selection criteria and tools.

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5. Training
  1. Project Management Training - First Nations
    For this project we developed and delivered project management training to several northern First Nations communities. The training was supplemented by subsequent mentoring and coaching on projects initiated during the training.

  2. Supervisors Training - Uranium Mining and Milling
    A training curriculum, focusing on business and process improvement, was developed and delivered for mid-level supervisors from various operational units.

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6. Production and Operations Assessment and Planning
  1. Operations Review of a Manufacturing Plant
    The scope of work for this project included:
    • Assessment of management performance Review of the organizational structure Assessment of the performance of staff members
    • Long range and strategic planning

  2. Evaluation of a Federal Construction, Equipment and Services Division
    The scope of work for this project included:
    • Review of organization and staff functions including classification levels and skills required Review of the cost accounting system Review of rate structure charges for personnel, equipment, overhead and operating costs
    • Review of staff requirements

  3. Operations Review and Strategic Plan of a Home Care District
    During this study we examined the management, administration and financial operations of a home care district in south-east Saskatchewan. We investigated general and specific issues and presented our findings and recommendations to the Board. The study report outlined a strategic plan with respect to general operations over the next year and recommended future directions for the next five to ten years.

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7. Needs Assessment
  1. Health District Needs Study
    This role/needs study was a comprehensive examination of health care and housing services provided in an area located in the east central portion of Saskatchewan. The study included two hone care districts, five hospital districts, and all special care homes, ambulance boards, home care, regular and enriched housing facilities and Saskatchewan Health regional services provided in the study area. In addition, the health care needs of the First Nations population within the study area were examined as were transportation services for the handicapped. A strategic plan for health care and housing services to meet current and future needs for the next 20 years was developed.

  2. Five Year Planning Study for a Home Care District
    This study included a comprehensive analysis of the operations of the Saskatoon Home Care District. It examined the demographics of the aging population and handicapped persons in the district and province and reviewed existing operations and programs in relation to what the future needs would be. It identified new programs that might be required in the future and projected financial and resource requirements over the next five years.

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8. Research and Advisory Services
  1. Research on Privacy and Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest and Appeals, Audit Checklists and Auditor Liability
    This project involved researching and reporting on four issues associated primarily with the proposed Conformance and General Management System components of the On-Farm Food Safety Recognition Program as outlined in the Government Requirements for a Management Manual of a National On-Farm Food Safety Program document. The four main issues examined were: 1) Privacy and confidentiality of information obtained from producers and information generated through on-farm assessment activities, 2) Conflict of interest and appeal policy and procedures, 3) Feasibility of combining two or more commodity-specific audit checklists, 4) Liability and auditor liability insurance.

  2. Comparison of Canadian and USA On-Farm Food Safety Programs
    This project involved: 1) Identifying existing and emerging differences between Canadian and USA beef and sheep on-farm food safety programs that might impact Canada’s beef and sheep industries, and 2) Researching and comparing the Canadian and USA sheep identification and traceability systems.

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